Monday, March 9, 2009


Every one is familiar with eclipses. Very often we read about the Solar and Lunar eclipse. This year in fact mankind witnessed both these celestial events in the span of a month, a rare happenings commented by many Indian astrlogers. What is the impact of the eclipse? It reduces the brightness of the Sun/Moon till it lasts. But eclipses, though a natural process, do not last long and the magnificence of Sun and the Moon reappears in the sky after the defined period of eclipse gets over.
Many a times in our life we also experience the eclipses that may appear to dampen our brilliance, beauty and solemnity for some time. Just as in the eclipse the Sun and Moon, though exist are not visible for sometime, to the extent of the coverage of the eclipse. In a similar fashion our abilities and potentials do exist but are camouflaged and not visible to the external world then.While the eclipse phase for the heavenly bodies are well predicted and seen to be waning away as per the described durations, it is rather difficult to predict the duration of eclipse in our lives. Albiet, some astrologers claim that they can predict a man's future, I am a bit skeptical on this.
In Mahabharata there is a wonderful description of how the all powerful "Pandavas" were rendered helpless during their "Agyatvasa" of one year. To me it is a good example for all of us accept tht fact that anyone may have to pass through the period of eclipse in his/her life.
So what do we do in such times. Be calm and patient. Perseverence is the mantra for such period. Positive self talk that though the world does not see my real worth I know what I am. Be confident of our abilities and remain humble.
No eclipse is permanent and with time it will pass away bringing back the spectacular shining bodies back to their brilliance.

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